Interview with artist Eleven Gua

Astro Girls Society is an NFT collection featuring original artwork by Eleven Gua — a household name in high-fashion portrait illustrations. Eleven’s depiction of the Astro Girls confronts traditional notions of beauty and is an astute reminder that women can be both beautiful and empowering. The Astro Girls portraits exude strength, elegance and grace. Each brushstroke you see is painstakingly hand-painted, representing the spirits of strong, unique and powerful women.

Jump in as we chat to Eleven about her journey with art and her inspiration with her genesis NFT collection on Solana.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am ELEVEN GUA — a freelance illustrator currently living in Shanghai. I have worked with a plethora of brands on commercial illustrations including KÉRASTASE, InStyle and Marie Claire. I have also worked with a handful of musicians, helping them design their single covers.

I have been drawing since primary school and I decided to pursue Fashion Design at university. My time in university has greatly influenced my style of work — particularly the fashion illustration style of drawing. I am deeply inspired by David Downton and George Barbier and their style of art.

After graduating, I moved to Shanghai to begin my artistic journey and this is where I started working as a freelance illustrator.

An album cover — designed for Chinese artist Peng Chuyue

2. What was the inspiration behind the artwork and why do you choose to paint women portraits in most of your art?

Painting is a way for me to express myself and my thoughts. When I paint I often refer to what I know and the life around me. This artwork was inspired by how I perceive myself and the women in my life. I wanted this collection to be a representation of all women — beautiful, strong and independent.

3. What is your goal and direction for your career?

I hope that I can continue to paint and express my thoughts and feelings through my art. My goal is for my artwork to be enjoyed by more and more people around the world. I also hope that this NFT project will inspire other female artists to do the same, and learn more about the opportunities that Web3 can offer.

4. Is there anything you’d like to tell your fans?

Thank you very much for your love and support. I hope that you enjoy my art and continue to support my new journey into the NFT space. I wish you all the best for the new year!

— —

  1. 可不可以先自我介绍一下, 说说你的故事和经验

我是ELEVEN GUA,从事职业是自由插画师,现居上海,用画笔记录生活和女孩。 先后与 KÉRASTASE, InStyle, Marie Claire 等公司商业插画合作。 也与音乐人合作创作了单曲封面。

我从小学就喜欢画画, 在大学我学习了服装设计专业. 学习时尚插画,让我喜欢上了时尚插画,这影响了我的创作风格, 我喜欢的大师有David Downton, George Barbier等 毕业之后我决定做自由插画师,去了上海,开始了我的艺术之路.

2. 你的作品有很特别的风格,你可不可以介绍一下Astro Girls的灵感是从哪儿来的?你为什么选择画女性肖像作为你的主要艺术形式

画画就是我的表达,我的思想. 我画画的时候经常会参考身边的生活, 而我最了解的就是我自己, 所以我常常以我自己作为灵感来源创作, 还有就是我身边强大而独立的女性朋友们.


3. 你的职业目标和方向是什么?

希望能一直创作下去,能被更多的人喜欢就足够了. 我也希望这个 NFT 项目能够激励其他女性艺术jia来多多了解Web3可以提供的机会。

4. 有什么想对粉丝说的吗?

十分感谢大家的喜欢和支持,希望大家都能开心健康幸福. 希望大家喜欢我的Astro Girls 作品,继续支持我进入 NFT 领域的新征程。



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