Gazing at the stars: A deep dive with the Astro Girls founders

The female creators of Astro Girls Society are reaching for the stars with their mission to demystify crypto and smash the space’s gender gap, but their feet are firmly rooted on the ground in a foundation of diverse talent and experience in web3.

Coined “Society Girls,” founders Sandra, Cindy, Mitz, Amy and Regan have already nurtured a thriving community before minting in early March. The stars aligned to bring the founders together from across the globe while working on popular web3 projects together like #ChaChang and IndexCoop. Perhaps the first woman successfully onboarded by Astro Girls is its own artist, Eleven Gua. Eleven’s high-fashion portrait illustrations are regularly featured on the covers of INSTYLE China, but her work is now being enjoyed by the worldwide Astro Girls community.

What Did Crypto Onboarding Look Like for the Society Girls Themselves?

Founders Cindy and Sandra are sisters IRL, and Cindy was the first to dive into crypto back in 2017 as an exchange student. While interning at Softbank Ventures in Korea, she discovered the kimchi premium for Bitcoin. Bitcoin was trading at a 30% premium in Korea compared to the US, so she began buying Bitcoin in the US and selling it manually in Korea. From there, she discovered ways to trade algorithmically and wrote bots to automate strategy. Her passion for trading led her to take a gap year to explore the crypto world, at which time she took a deep dive into whitepapers.

Cindy’s knowledge was a huge asset for her sister Sandra when she onboarded into crypto in the summer of 2021. While studying at NYU, Sandra earned an internship with Amber Group, a leading global digital asset platform that provides investing, financing and trading services. She went on to intern with Darren Lau from The Daily Ape, where he mentored and guided her as she assisted him with research on investment deals and provided feedback and suggestions. Sandra leaned on her sister and another friend during her onboarding period for guidance on navigating the space. While helping the #ChaChang group with NFT analysis as a side project, she learned that she really enjoys working with a team. She has since taken the leap into crypto full time with Nansen, an on-chain data analytics platform as an on-chain research analyst.

Founders Mitz, Amy, and Regan all benefited from personal relationships with crypto veterans for their onboarding experiences. Mitz is well known for her community building expertise, and spends time working in the Index Coop and Gitcoin DAOs. A good friend who is now her mentor guided her through months of 1:1 calls as she onboarded. According to Mitz, having someone look over her shoulder to confirm she wasn’t sending money to someone else or making a mistake with her wallet was a huge comfort.

A combination of crypto-knowledgeable friends and NFTs are responsible for pulling founder Amy down the web3 rabbithole. She first started investing money through Binance, but really fell in love when she discovered NFTs and Crypto twitter. She happened upon the space at the peak of NFT mania when new projects were being released every day. A friend approached her to help with his side project #ChaChang, which analyzes NFT projects based on social metrics and growth. At the beginning she recalls standard PFP projects and a ton of ape derivatives, but she has watched closely as project teams embrace the technology and release creative utility mechanisms. Looking back at her own onboarding experience, Amy notes how difficult it is to find valuable information and resources on how to mint an NFT, what a whitelist is, or even the importance of Discord in NFT projects. She relied on her friends to get these questions answered, and hopes that Astro Girls Society can be that resource for women without direct connections to the space.

Like Sandra, Society Girl Regan dove into web3 with the guidance of a sibling. Her older brother introduced her to the IndexCoop DAO, where she was immediately encouraged by other members to make a Twitter account to connect with more people in web3. Regan’s newbie status resonated on Crypto twitter, and within hours her account blew up with thousands of followers. Even with her brother guiding her along the way, Regan says he struggled to communicate crypto and defi principles to her in an easily understandable way because he had learned about it years ago. She found herself aimlessly looking up articles during her onboarding which wasted time, of which she has precious little of as a fulltime college student. Looking forward, Regan hopes that more structured learning processes can be established.

How did the Astro Girls Society assemble for takeoff, and where are they going?

Sandra and Cindy started working on Astro Girls Society with the sole mission of uplifting artist Eleven Gua. As the project progressed, they quickly realized while onboarding Eleven they could simultaneously create a space for other artists and women to get in on the ground floor of web3. They began building the project one step at a time, ensuring each aspect received the love and attention it required to fully develop.

While Astro Girls Society is an NFT project by name, Cindy’s passion for trading is primed to encourage members to dip their toes in markets. She hopes to introduce women to trading by hosting trading livestreams, releasing tutorials and even helping them build trading bots.

Mitz was brought on to develop a cohesive community, and she has already been blown away by members engaging with and supporting each other. Members have already enjoyed an NFT 101 education session and a tarot card reading. As far as guiding principles for the community, Mitz has established that the Society Girls act as honestly and transparently as possible. If a mistake is made, it is acknowledged. If help is needed, it is asked for. She has a general idea of a community that acts kindly and supportive, but is excited to see how it grows organically.

Trading NFTs is bound to be a big interest with Astro Girls Society members, and Amy was brought on because she has proven to have a keen eye in finding women-led projects. She has scrutinized hundreds of NFT initiatives through her ETH project calendars, helping people discover new NFTs and make informed decisions about their investments. She says launching Astro Girls has given her a newfound appreciation for the time and work needed to build an authentic community behind the projects, and her long list of lessons and red flags gained from analyzing other projects has been invaluable to Astro Girls Society.

People were drawn quickly to Eleven Gua’s striking artwork for Astro Girls Society, but the project’s goal of achieving mass adoption of web3 will require the perfect mix of education, onboarding and community. Regan’s willingness to openly share her web3 onboarding journey made her an ideal complement for the project. She believes there is immense work to be done to make web3 accessible. While she was fortunate to have a crypto-veteran brother, she hopes Astro Girls Society can be the force that encourages crypto-curious people to “take the leap.” As more and more education materials pour into the space, she feels strong communities are what will keep people engaged.

What do the Society Girls love about their own Astro Girls NFTs?

Eleven Gua’s portraits instantly captivated Sandra and Cindy, and now each founder has a personal connection to her individual Astro Girl. In their own words:

Amy: “What I love about my Astro Girl is her peaceful energy, which is a direct contrast to how I am in real life. I am definitely a somewhat chaotic person in real life, so what I love about my PFP is the calmness she exerts — she’s like my better half and pretty much who I want to be when I “grow up”!

Mitzy: “My Astro Girl PFP is basically me IRL. Catch me wearing a panda hat any day of the week.”

Regan: “I love my Astro Girl because I designed her myself! My favorite color is yellow — and I love her wavy hair because I personally have recently embraced my wavy hair in real life.”

For the latest Astro Girls Society updates, follow them on Twitter at @AstroGirls_NFT, and join their Discord.
Mint date is on March 10th 2022 for pre-mint access and March 12th 2022 for public sale!



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