Astro Girls Society — the what, why and wen? 🔮

GM to all our gorgeous gorgeous Astro Girls.

It’s been a ~long time coming and we are extremely excited to finally bring our Astro Girls to life. The five girlfriends (Mitzy, Amy, Sandra, Cindy, Regan) in Astro Girls came together in mid January this year, and we’ve grown and learned so much from each other and from our community. We started off with a small and intimate community ~300 discord + twitter members in January, and it’s safe to say we have grown in both numbers and community interest since. Although we have a ton of new Astro Girls in the loop, our values and mission will always be to onboard more individuals into the space in safe and comforting environment, where people are allowed to make mistakes, ask questions, and vibe with the team.

If it’s your first time here, welcome — welcome to our safe and intimate space in Astro Girls Society. An NFT project is ultimately nothing without a nurturing community — and we are proud to say that we have a growing community who are willing to learn, love, and grow with us.

We started off this project with the sole mission to uplift the artist. Through tens and hundreds of iteration from the initial art itself, we were also able to help our artist connect with the Web3 space and learn about the ins-and-outs of NFTs. People are often skeptical about NFTs, but the good part of NFTs is the ability for artists to be able to showcase their work and to simultaneously be compensated for the work they do. We began building the project one step at a time, ensuring each aspect received the love and attention it required to fully develop.

Another key point of our project was the ability to bring together five girls from different ends of Web3/ crypto, and to connect through the collective mission of an aspect that is integral to the space — the process of onboarding.

We’ve also learned that there is no such thing as over-communication. The best thing to do is to tell our community what we are doing. We are in the process of testing our smart contracts, talking with tens and hundreds of amazing women in the space for collabs/ partnership, honing & rewarding our community, and planning a concrete roadmap for our project.

Here’s a spotlight as to we’ve done so far and what we will be doing in the next few weeks, months:

  • Partnership with the queen of Astrology, Maren:

As Regan mentioned in her article here:

“Astro Girls Society” has come to symbolize our entire mission. We wanted a name that was unapologetically feminine. Astrology came to mind. We love astro girls, crystal girls, any girls who love something despite social stigmas. We want this project to pay homage to those women — and to prove that no person needs to change to “fit in” to Web3. Be feminine, be masculine, quiet, introverted, extroverted. Come as you are.

Maren’s interest in Astrology started as a kid. “That language was what I then continued to read as I grew up with the internet, which evolved as my interests turned to philosophy and history.” We believe that Maren can help take our project to the ☾⽉, ⽉☽, amplifying and building upon the Astrology discourse.

  • Preview of our AGS Educational Series:

Recently, we held our first Education Series — NFT 101. We were joined by our panellists Charlie, Easy Money and Ducky who are all part of ChaChang, a group dedicated to providing NFT Alpha in the Ethereum and Solana Ecosystem.

We also recently held a twitter spaces with Abacus on NFTs & pricing 101 on:

  • Optimistic Rollups + Proof of Stake model and how it connects to Abacus Spot — On creating spot pools and closing auction pools
  • Mechanisms behind opening a spot pool and how to close the pools (several methods an NFT holder can use) — Abacus follows the optimistic roll up model assuming that the pool is always right
  • What if the spot pool does not fill the value of the NFT — Explain the spot pool auction closures — On spot pools and NFT valuation models
  • Garnered a stronk community

Our team is constantly active on our Discord to reward our Astro Girls who go above and beyond with their community efforts.

We make sure to take the time to go through each and every one of our feedback, comments, and questions from the community. A ton of projects have built out extreme hype for their project before fully developing and nurturing its community. We wanted to make sure that each and everyone of our Astro Girls are connected to our overall mission and values, which also leaves us time to organically build our community — one step at a time.

On February 11, 2022, our community fleshed out a moodboard, coining the term “proof of taste”. We also hosted a moodboard party on February 16, hosted by one of our community members. Since then, our artist has been reiterating her artwork to better incorporate the overall interests of our community. Our final artwork is the product of the hard-work and ideas from our community. Community first and everything else is merely secondary.

Building on top of Dana’s suggestion in our ideas and feedback channel, we also worked on collating a Digital Garden exclusively for Astro Girls.

This channel will be specifically for community-curated educational materials. Here’s how our digital garden looks so far — built by our community members for our community from start to current iteration. It’s a feast for your eyes — check it out here:

One of our community members, Krystin, wrote a fully fleshed article about each of the Astro Girls team and our personal onboarding experiences. We touched on our mission in Astro Girls, and more generally, our personal experiences and background entering the crypto scene. Ultimately, we are still learning and growing, but we also want to garner a community to learn alongside us.

  • Building out the educational utility of our project

We are working day-and-night to bring together inspiring women in the space to help amplify the voice and mission of Astro Girls.

We want to spotlight some amazing women who have opened up their arms and hearts to help build the utility layer of our project (this is still ongoing, but we are truly grateful for the support we’ve received thus far):

Katherine Wu:





Lily Wu:



Lisa Wang:

  • Cross-collabs with female-led/ female-focused projects

We opened up a spot for ALL Crypto Coven holders to get pre-mint access to our project. We love the witches and they are truly a blue-chip female-led project:

FortunaDAO partnership

BoysClubCrypto x Astro Girls

GlowDAO partnership

IreneDao partnership

Curious Addys partnership:

8SIAN Gold Holders partnership:

  • Wen launch? Now launch!

Buckle up and come join us!

For more resources:

Interview w/ our artist:

Team journey:

Project roadmap:

Love always,

Astro Girls Team!



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