Astro Girls Society Roadmap

About us

Astro Girls Society is your first stop to your Web3 journey.

We’re a team of five girlfriends working with an incredible renowned female artist who cares deeply about empowering and bringing extraordinary women talent into the space.

Our mission is simple. We want to make this space accessible by helping women break into Web3. Our goal is to smash the gender gap and demystify crypto.

Every Astro Girl you hold is a pass to all the resources you’d need to get onboarded: mentorship sessions, 1:1s, AMAs and personalised learning.

Here’s our roadmap:

Phase 0

Launch of the Astro Girls Society

The main initiative of this project is to create a community of women in Web3. All Astro Girls holders will be invited to the exclusive Astro Girls Society. Society benefits include:

  • AMAs/learning sessions with successful women in crypto: we want to share our knowledge and our network with you! Every month we will invite successful women in the space to share their experiences and tips with the Astro Girls community. These sessions will be interactive and these open mic events will give you an opportunity to network, meet new friends and learn about the space.
  • Exclusive Discord channel: our goal is to maintain an open channel of communication with our community. This is driven by the belief that we can accomplish more together. In this channel, we will publish free alpha and trading tips and continue to answer any crypto-related questions you may have. We know that the space is confusing and hard to navigate alone — but it doesn’t have to be! Our private discord will allow us and the rest of the community to share this journey with you.
  • Access to NFT and crypto how-to guides: the simplest questions are always the hardest to find answers to — this is why we are committed to bringing you resources that bring you back to the absolute basics. We are committed to developing this resource bank so that we can all thrive in this space together. We will periodically poll the community to understand what knowledge areas the community are interested in. We will then develop resources tailored to these interests.

Phase 1

  • Mentorship Program: we are working on partnerships with other Web3 organisations to provide group mentoring sessions for our holders. The community will be able to vote on topics of interest and skills they want to acquire. Based on this, we will match mentors with mentees and form small focus groups to help you achieve your goals. We are currently in discussion with a few organisations so watch this space!
  • Gifting Program: one of our core missions is to onboard more people (particularly women) into Web3. We understand that there is a high barrier to entry, and not everyone who wants to be onboarded into web3 is able to access the right resources/community. The Astro Girls Gifting Program is where we work with generous members of the community to gift Astro Girls to individuals who may not be able to afford or buy this project. This will allow more web3 newbies to access the AGS resources and community.

Phase 2

  • Opportunities Board: we are working on partnerships with crypto start-ups and crypto firms to provide internship opportunities to our community. Thriving in a male-dominated industry is not easy so we want to help break down the barriers to entry. We want to provide internship opportunities to our community and we want to implement this with a level of transparency. We will have a public opportunities board for our Astro Girls Society and applicants will be chosen by the community.

Phase 3

  • Wearables: we are currently working with our artist and our developer to implement changeable accessories for your Astro Girl avatar so that your Astro Girl can change to reflect your personal taste and style.
  • Artist Program: The seeds of this project began when we were approached by our artist Eleven, who was interested in launching an NFT in this space but did not know where to start. We are committed to helping more female artists thrive in this space, and discover more artwork for our community. A portion of the funds will be allocated to onboarding female artists to Web3 so that we can increase exposure to their artwork and give them commercial rights over their pieces. These artists will be voted by our Astro Girls Society holders.
  • Astro Girls Society Marketplace: What’s an NFT project if we didn’t promise our community real-life merch. We will be launching special merchandise and collectible with our incredible artwork so you can look cute and support the cause.



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