Astro Girls Guide to MetaMask

With T-7 days until take off, it’s time to get your wallet ready so that you’re ready to launch into our Astro Girls Society.

In order to mint, you will need to install the MetaMask extension. If you have another wallet, you can access it through the MetaMask extension. Alternatively, you can create a new wallet and transfer your funds there.

How to set up a MetaMask Wallet

  1. Go to and click “download now.” This will take you to a page where you can choose the extension based on your browser — being “chrome, iOS or android”

2. Once installed, you will be re-directed to a page to set up your meta mask wallet. Here you will have two options — either to import an existing wallet using your seed phrase or set up a brand new wallet

3. Next, create a strong password for your wallet — you will use this every time you log on so make sure it’s one that you will remember!

4. Once you’ve created a password, it will take you to this page. Click on the grey box which says “click here to reveal secret words.” This will reveal your 12-word recovery phase.

NOTE: Make sure you write this phrase down and do not share this with anyone. The recovery phrase is your only way of accessing your wallet if you forget your password or if you need to access your MetaMask from a different chrome browser. If you lose your secret phrase, your funds will be lost forever. We recommend storing this phrase offline — write it down on a piece of paper and store it somewhere only you have access to.

5. Metamask will then ask you to confirm your backup phrase. To do this, simply click on the words in the correct order and then Voila — you now have a MetaMask Wallet

How to transfer Eth onto your MetaMask wallet

  1. You can send Eth directly to your MetaMask wallet by using your wallet address
  2. You can locate your wallet address by hovering your mouse over the account name (in this case “Account 3”). This will automatically copy your wallet address.

Alternatively, you can directly buy Eth from MetaMask by clicking the “buy” button above.

Here are some useful video tutorials if you’re looking to transfer money from certain exchanges:

  1. From Binance to MetaMask:
  2. From CoinBase to Metamask:

Mint price is 0.08 / Astro GIrl but make sure you transfer extra to account for gas costs.

And that’s it Astro Girls — Easy Peasy!!

Your wallet is set up, your funds are ready and you’re all set to mint an Astro Girl on March 12! If you have any questions, come chat with us in or discord:

We’re currently fine-tuning our minting site and we will provide a new tutorial taking you through the morning process — stay tuned!



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